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I’m not posting all my gigs here, but only when I feel it could be fun to do so :) At my former blogsite, I sorted the posts old —> recent, so the cronology was somewhat correct. This feature is unfortunately not available with WP.  So, please ignore the collateral damage that have appeared, by importing the old post, to this blog (only the first 13 pages). All photos are by me, unless otherwise mentioned. Use the navigation at the side of this page to skip forward or backward in time. So, here we go…

Førde Festival, Norge

Time to finish what we started in Oslo last month..

OPENING CONCERT – with the great “Nordic Sound Folk Orchestra”

Aarhus – Copenhagen – Oslo – Førde


Rehearsal time

Førde IV

Stage is being prepped…


Just about there.. general rehearsal

Førde VII

BOOOM…. action time:


(pictures by Karl-Johan Ankarblom o.a.)

Førde XIII

… and the press said:

The air in the hall reverberated, like when an aircraft taxis along the runway to take off. The force became gradually stronger. With many generations of primordial force and strength it took off. With folk music’s magical power of love, the festival launched and flew off into the world. We were all caught up in the turbulence and elevated to another dimension.

The festival has come of age

It has grown steadily the whole time. Everyone who has followed the festival has seen it: A management who has worked hard and with a mission throughout these years, with a force of accomplishment only those who possess a grand vision can have.

They have defied all critics. There have been mumbles of purism and preaching to the choir on several occasions, but the management has never been tempted to promote commercially-based musical solutions for short-term financial gain. They have known that the force inherent in folk music itself is strong enough, and at one point everyone else would recognize that too. It is this that has gradually happened, and which detonatedthis year.

In addition, they have always been creative in every way, both with regard to new premises, concert arenas, information work, festival topics and in the selection of artists.

At the opening concert many of the top Nordic folk musicians were gathered on one and the same stage. Through symphonic force and strength, folk music was elevated to an entirely new level. One may think that now the folk musicians have employed symphonic effects and instrumentation to achieve greater importance and gravity. But that’s not what happened.

This wasn’t constructed art music, but a pure folk music primordial force arranged and presented in such a professional and forceful way that everyone in the hall was impacted by this force and intuitively recognized that folk music is the mother of all music genres.”

Over and… well not quite out yet. I got two more gigs left, with the worlds best band “Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band”







We even had time to see our good colleagues in “Väsen” – the true godfathers of nordic contemporary folk :)


And out – Thank you Førde!


West Coast USA – june 2017

Another great tour at the west coast of USA. We started off at the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival, in Astoria (OR). Three days, three performances each day.. wonderful crowd, and WONDERFUL city!

But first.. take off from AAR, and something to eat, at “Elmers” by the airport hotel in Portland.

Off course our baggage was delayed, but it arrived at the hotel, early next mornin’ .. phew!


Scanfest Astoria:

I cannot reccoment this event, and this town enough. Enjoy an ice cold beer, at one of the many, and very very good breweries. Or eat your lunch at the awesome “The Blue Scorcher”. And when you’ve had your day, at the Scanfest… then finish off your day at “Buoy beer company” – best seafood/beer/wine.. you name it.

Next up – Seattle



This old Lady – belongs to this young man;


Winery “Paschal” in Ashland

Santa Rosa – A very hot drive, passing by the impressive Mount Shasta, on our way the last gig of the tour.. a very nice home concert, surrounded by some of the best vineyards in the US

Last days spent here.. in the streets of San Francisco

Home sweet home


OSLO – Riksscenen

I am her, to rehearse for the opening concert of Førde Festival 2017 with the great «Nordic Sound Folk Orchestra»

The concert is called “Klangen af Norden” (the sound of the north), and the music is composed by the four composers: Antti Järvelä (Finland), Mia Marin (Sverige), Harald Haugaard (Danmark) and Jorun Marie Kvernberg (Norge).

Feat. 8 soloist… + Mia Marin (vio), Olov Johansson (keyed fiddle), Lena Willemark, Olav Luksengård Mjelva

The concert is performed by a combined orchestra, consisting of the fiddle group “Gudbrandsdølenes spelemannslag”, and selected band members from various groups of the north.

SO… 40 folk musicians, 4 composers og 8 soloists. Here we go;




(photos – Karl-Johan Ankarblom)


Lena Willemark


Mia Marin



… well not quite, but rehearsal from 12.00 to 22.00 and again from 10.00 to departure, can cause something that resembles death :)