I had made a deal with Cathy Rodriguez from, to come and have a look a their stash of “Hammeraxe” cymbals. These cymbals are currently not available in DK, so I used my time off to see/hear what the fuzz was about. does not have a fysical store, so I met up with Cathy at her office….. out in the middle of, almost, nowhere :)

This is the guy at the front desk


The needle

The “Space Needle” is the landmark of Seattle, and was build for the 1962 World’s fair. We didn’t go there, but we enjoyed the view of it from every corner of the town.

Mikkel and the needle


Harald and the needle


Plane on a needle fly-by


This is the West Coast

And that means liberty beyond control!
Here we go.. LSD forever:


… well, I like the cosy atmosphere on the West Coast, and there is, believe it or not, a certain sanity that confirms the healthness of a little insanty once in a while (and I don’t mean the one you get from LSD, but the one from a mind set free otherwise!)