Washington D.C.

So this was a special one …

I was invited to come to Washington D.C., to play at the annual “Psychotherapy Networker Symposium”, for my good friend, and former teacher Jakob Rostbøll. He had been playing this gig for the past 25 years, and wanted to see, how it would work out with me as the drummer, and him as the musical director … It went well :) Good band, and good music! With more than 4000 people attending the symposium, we had a blast!

Besides me, the band members were:

Pete Smith: guitar

David Restivo: piano

Adam Armstrong: bass

2 days of rehearsal in New York, and then a very slippery drive, down to Washington D.C.





Luckily, this event coincided with “the March for our lives”. So we were able to go there, and participate in this important event. Close to one million people, protesting against the current ridiculous gun rules.



It felt, as if the trip was over before it began – but this was a very special – good – one!