And then – s… hits the fan

CORONA – you bastard



As a musician, this is possibly one of the worst things that can hit your calendar.

No one, could have anticipated this – ALL activities are cancelled until August. The BIG question is now … will there be an audience in near future!??

My drums are now parked here


And my days are spent in my rehearsal room


Belgium – part I

I must admit …

I had NO idea how this would turn out. 2 tours in Belgium – we wanted to see how the country was, and how the audience would react to our music.

Belgium turned out to be one of the most well organised countries, with the best sounding, and well equipped stages, a very welcoming audience, beautiful countryside – and beautiful architecture everywhere.

We had a blast – driving out from “our” home, where the days were spent on rehearsing, running, and cooking good food. Great way to do a tour!


Rehearsal and concert – in “Viborg Domkirke”

We’ve played together before, under the direction of Henrik Vagn. That was really nice!

This time, my friend, and fellow spearfisher (read more about that right HERE), Jesper Nordin, is doing his very best – and he is doing very good.

We took the time to sneak out on a hunting trip – so a couple of nice fish joined the dinner table on the tour.