Wing picture-time again – Astoria Scanfest

HURRAY – We have been here so many times, and we absolutely LOVE this place. Astoria, has, over the past ten years, developed from being a cozy slumber town, to a town with hipster factor 110. Here is all you want, from the fantastic panoramic view over the town/pacific, to several brew pubs, seafood restaurants, good espresso – and good people. Highly recommended!

“LYSFEST” (light celebration)

4th of may 1945, the Danes got the message, that the war was over. During the war, everybody had put up blackout curtains, because the feared that the British bombers could see the light from the houses. But on the very first night of liberty, every house, every single window, was lit-up by candlelight. That is what this celebration is all about.

(pictures: Jacob Schultz/Brian Fabricius Rasmussen)

10 years jubilee with this wonderful band

Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard band

koncerts – starting out at Magasinet Odense (DK)

(Photos by Ard Jongsma –